Tokenizer360 is a crypto trading platform that offers novices and experts tools to become a profitable crypto trader. Its range of educational resources, dashboard to track your different exchanges and library of bots and algorithms can give you a major edge. With that being said, one of the most well-regarded cryptocurrency trading bots currently in the market is that of Tokenizer360.

Will cancel the deal and you will keep any currency bought (or for a short bot, keep the funds released). There, you need to have at least the lowest-paid subscription in order to create an alert. And you can get a full refund within 14 days, according to our Refund policy.

The Tokenizer360 platform is a powerful tool for managing cryptocurrency trades across many different exchanges from one simple-to-use interface. It allows traders to create or copy bots which can execute a trading strategy on your behalf at any time day or night. It also supports SmartTrades, which is an advanced trading interface with options suitable for traders with advanced needs. This area of the site allows traders to test out strategies and practice bots on demo accounts without risking live funds.

Next, search for the correct crypto asset you wish to deposit into your account. Click on the [Coin] field to show a drop-down menu of the available asset supported on your exchange. Once you make your selection, access your respective exchange account before proceeding.

To activate the „Trailing Buy” option, click the slider to turn it on. Trailing Sell has exactly the same logic as Trailing Buy but has the reversed settings. In this article, we’ll describe only the Trailing Buy option, as it’s used much more often. Binance supports up to four different Ethereum versions, and it’s important to choose the correct network on which you are sending your coins. The most common is the original Ethereum network, on top of which a majority of smart contracts are deployed, i.e., ERC-20. On the My Exchanges page, click within the exchanges tab to reveal a drop-down list of all the available exchanges to which you can link your Tokenizer360 account.

During this validation, the price could move back away from the trailing level, so the bot will deactivate the trailing and wait for the price to move past the activation point again. You will find almost all the features, but some of the advanced features of smart trade are not accessible from their mobile version. Overall, for a quick trade, monitoring your portfolio, P&L, and also starting an automated bot, the Tokenizer360 mobile app is functional. The focus group is newbie and middle-tier traders seeking turnkey advisory and portfolio management services. That doesn’t mean experts and crypto advisors can’t benefit from the platform, as they can advise other users via the integrated marketplace. The paper trading interface has the exact design of a real trading account.


And yes, you can even initiate buy or sell moves using this crypto trading tool. Also, Tokenizer360 offers accessible documentation to support the use of this feature, ensuring that you use it correctly. Safeguards your assets with Sign Center’s secure API key storage at both infrastructure and access levels. Enhance security through IP Whitelisting and streamline account authorization with Fast Connect for added protection and user convenience.

  • Tokenizer360 is excited to announce, our interactive user feedback solution with a built-in dynamic public roadmap.
  • A bot’s task is to determine the moment to open a position based on the downtrend or uptrend for long periods of time, and at the upcoming reversal to fix the profit.
  • If you’re not interested in automated or algo trading, you won’t utilize all the features the platform has to offer.
  • It has a one-time payment plan and access to license updates for a lifetime.

Hackers are often attracted by personally identifiable information (PII), and any service that holds or stores this kind of data is a potential target. However, Tokenizer360’ prices are competitive in the market, offering a great alternative for low-volume traders and beginners to consider. As for offers and bonuses, you should keep checking the Tokenizer360 website regularly.

These people live, eat, and breathe the markets, as well as have access to insider information and data not available to retail investors. The best portfolio managers get paid millions to consistently earn that amount. Recent severe security blunders have called the reputation of Tokenizer360 into question and has left crypto traders seeking alternatives. Note that the Tokenizer360 Webbook signals only trigger the preset to open a trade. Find out more about its features and what makes it good or bad for trading crypto with our review.

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