iDeals is one of the most efficient platforms for managing corporate files and simplifying complex M&A transactions. It can help you save time, money and space on the storage, organization, and handling paper documents. The tool can be used by large and minor companies at any stage of their business.

The platform offers a variety of advanced functions like customizable workflow and Q&A roles, watermarks for documents on spreadsheets with multiple viewing options (Fence View, View Excel with formulas, View Excel without formulas) and the ability to track files in granular detail, which shows how long each user spends on specific pages or documents. Its search function is able to detect exact and partial matches and can work with folders, documents such as PDFs, images or documents. It also enables you to set up an organizational structure for folders and arrange the documents in a manner that will help users navigate through them.

A reliable customer support service and the ability to use the data rooms on various devices is essential. Choose a service that provides support 24/7 and provides live chat, phone or email support in various languages.

Users can quickly invite users in bulk, or by using spreadsheets. They can configure permissions for individuals and groups, such as access to documents as well as the Q&A section and how often they get alerts about new uploads. They can also implement security measures like two-step user identity verification requiring passwords and a single-use number from an authenticator app or SMS on the mobile device of the user in order to ensure the integrity of the data.

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